Artist Statement:

Countries are revolting, natural disasters abound, and the economies of many nations are suffering. People are out of work and scared of an uncertain future. In times of strife we are left with a simple phrase, “Keep the faith.” It may not mean anything to some people; to others it is a lifeline from total collapse. Keep the Faith is made up of images based on tradition, ritual, and spirituality, showing people dealing with the reality of life and doing their best to keep the faith, to stay positive when there seems to be absolutely no reason to.



Keep The Faith



Mark Velasquez

February 2012



"La Muerta (The Death)"
"La Princesa (The Princess)"
"Las Comadres (The Comrades)"
"La Viejita (The Little Old Woman)"
"La Innocente (The Innocent)"
"El Protector (The Protector)"